What is SCI?

SCI is the Student Computer Initiative which requires that all incoming freshman and transfer students own a personal computer. Most schools and colleges at VCU require a laptop computer rather than a desktop computer or other computing device based on their program requirements.

Students are encouraged to follow the recommended specifications on the homepage of this site and visit the RamTech computer store at Barnes & Noble @VCU to purchase a laptop. In addition to the recommended specifications, your school, college, or department may have more specific recommendations pertaining to your area of study.

This requirement helps ensure students are equipped with the necessary technology to effectively participate in class as well as complete classwork and allows for scholarship and financial aid funds to be applied towards the expense of acquiring a new computer.

Study at VCU is a professional activity. The technology required and recommended is carefully thought through by the participants of the SCI committee to provide students with the capacity for a professional level of work output in step with the rigors of the classroom.

Along with proper care, following the SCI requirements will help ensure that the computer you choose will be able to provide approximately three years of reliable service.